Tuesday, 15 June 2010

It's not a club it's a family.

The RCB FAN SUMMIT(Picture Gallery with brief Introduction)

Before I start writing I ask sorry for everyone I have mentioned here. Coz I have flicked one of your Pic without your permission from your facebook photos.

It's not just a club It’s a family.
The whole 50 member team which was responsible for bringing up the fans club of more than 88000 fans.

The Chief Fanatic Fans with the Prince Mallya.

The EC team
They are the core of our activities very active, very friendly and hard working too. We can't forget Nidhi's detective work during REVIEW Contest. They have been a great asset for RCB. I can never forget her Favor. She was the one who made me fanatic fan and also gave me the rights to update for RCB on facebook and twitter.
Well Natasha was working for the fans when the SUMMIT was on. Great job, You can see her blogs which were written during SUMMIT. Well all the CM's have been very passionate in working for the club.

The witty IDEA CHAMPS.

Mr Sridhar B, the GM-Marketing.
The whole RCB SUMMIT was lightened up with his wit of proceeding the summit in Un-conference way.

Sandeep M
The chief Videographer. He has been doing a great job by uploading video's on our RCB site. You can see the video's of Uthappa's and other stuffs uploaded by him on the site.

Ashish Parmar
The chief Photographer. Woah! His snaps are just mind blowing. Not just cricket, even the wild life and other nature snaps shot by him are rocking. His collection gives us snaps of different angle alike the normal cricket photographer's view. You can see his snaps of players with lot of 'off the field' pics too. Great work buddy.

Aneesh Surender
The chief blogger. He has been doing a great job. His blogs contain both off the field and on the field action. He has done a great job during this IPL season.

Radio Sandeep
The DYNAMIC CHIEF PODCASTER, He has done lot of work for RCB. Though he is named as Chief Podcaster, He has worked beyond his title "radio" by organizing matches in Bangalore, being active fanatic fan by writing blogs and also being the MC of the fan summit.

The art by our PRINCE SIDDHARTHA MALLYA on the summit.

Sachin Kodagali
The IDEA CHAMP. His last over was most creative stuff I have ever seen. His Hard work of writing 30 pages in spite of his busy schedule deserves him the reward. He is also very friendly.

Ekalavya Bhattacharya

The IDEA CHAMP of the category OFFLINE MEET-Ups. His idea was really too good. Having an ambassador for every city was a brilliant Idea. And yeah even I had written my idea for the contest in this category :) But I really say he deserved the reward.

The IDEA CHAMP of GO GREEN category. He lit the fire of going green strategy and made everyone think of more strategies to make RCB a symbol of GREEN club.

Vinayak Sanjay
The IDEA CHAMP for LOYALITY CLUB. His Idea of loyalty club was good. His classification of loyalty club into 4 tiers and his business mind behind his IDEA was witty hence deserved him the reward.

Vignesh Sridhar
A Young 17 year IDEA CHAMP in PLAYER MOTIVATION, His Video and an exclusive site for Robin Uthappa were mind blowing. He had come to the SUMMIT with one condition of not having any Alcoholic substance. This young Blood has lot of determination to work for the CLUB.

From left to right. Purnima Malhotra, Disha Shetty and Niyati Doshi
The DRAVIDIANS. They are the LOYAL fans of Rahul Dravid who even took permission from Sid to meet Dravid. We boys are very jealous that we couldn't get an opportunity to meet our GOD. And yeah Purnima is the IDEA CHAMP in social media category. Her IDEA did rock. Her city chapter on facebook, Twitter template for RCB, And Having Official community orkut. Every IDEA was good. I personally liked all of her IDEAS.

Its NIDHI MAKHIJA, Our CM with the opening speech, (FOR ALL NON RCBians CM stands for community manager and not chief minister :P)

Our prince of good times, Siddhatha Mallya on the the stage.

A fanatic fan, Got to him through twitter. He is a good chap. I think he was the first person I met on the FAN SUMMIT.

WIZARD PRINCE(Praveen K Gupta)
A fanatic fan who has concern about greenery too. He is friendly and encouraging.

Allen Abhishek
The fanatic fan and the FACEBOOK & Twitter updater. He has been a good friend of mine even before becoming a fanatic fan. We both used work on I BLEED RED AND GOLD PAGE. And it is handled by him now. He is very friendly and very passionate towards the club.
The RCB SUMMIT made us meet for the first time after having an year long friendship on facebook.

Aakash Deshpande
The fanatic fan. I got to know him through twitter. He is the first name you will see on fanatic fan list, :)

Nishit Doshi
A Fanatic fan who hails form Mumbai.

I met him at the SUMMIT. He advices a lot even if u ask or not. He was a good friend. And yeah thanks buddy for dropping me back to home after that rocking party. :)

The White Mischief fan who became a fanatic of RCB for the only reason of RCB having WM girls as the cheer leader.

Aruna Desai Aunty
The oldest fanatic fan. Her age might be elder but her fanatism towards RCB and cricket is still very Young. And we are very fortunate to have even experienced ppl in our family.

Poshin David
One of the most active fanatic fan from Chennai, He updates facebook and twitter updates for RCB and also Blogs about RCB and Cricket.

And its me,
Rakesh Katti
A Fanatic fan,
Runner up in 1st phase Review Writing.
Update Facebook and twitter updates ending with @rakesh_katti
And a proud member of RC family.

And also I would like to thank my friends who were watching the proceedings of the SUMMIT online.

I couldn't mention a note on everyone present there. But you are always a person in my RCB family. We always \m/

Thank You One and ALL.


  1. what to say about it?..Superb..Superb..Superb.Rakesh ..You Rock..!


  2. this is awesome! feels like i'm re-living saturday!! great job!

  3. @Nidhi Sandeep and Aruna Aunty, Thanx a lot for ur response on my first blog.. Thanks a lot for ur comments..

  4. gud jod dude..:) soo wonderful to u ppl... :)

  5. It feels gr8 to learn about our RCB team and their connectivity with fans!
    Thanks Rakesh for sharing the info! Appreciate it...


  6. Saw it today rakesh, very nice brings back old memories ..